Widgets & Portals

When you publish a news story, job listing or event, it goes live on your own web feed or channel.

Each organisation has its own channel and, if your organisation consists of multiple sub-organisations (e.g. a junior and senior school) you will have a separate channels for each one.

You can see the published news story or job listing via your channel feed – a special dedicated portal website which contains all of your news stories and job listings. This portal website will be available at a special address which takes the following format:

  • https://pressburst.news/name-of-organisation/
  • https://pressburst.jobs/name-of-organisation/

To view your own page, you need to know the shortcode name of your organisation. Login to Pressburst and go to Settings > Channels. You will see the name of your channel on the left (e.g. Pressburst) and in brackets the channel name (e.g. pressburst). Simply add this name to the end of the following web address – https://pressburst.news/ – so if you channel name is pressburst, your web address is https://pressburst.news/pressburst/

If you go to this web address you will see all the public news stories you have uploaded. This portal website can be branded to match your own website so you can link to it and users can seamlessly move between the news or jobs website and your own site without interruption.

Alternatively, the content can be embedded into your own website, using the widget. This is a small code snippet which you need to cut-and-paste onto the relevant page on your website. The news content from Pressburst is then automatically displayed on the page as part of your website. To access your widget code, login to Pressburst and go to Settings > Widget. Click Edit next to your channel name. At the bottom of the screen you will see a code section which begins <script async src=”https://pressburst.news… and ends </script>

Select all this code, starting with the <script> and ending with the </script>, right click and choose copy. Paste this into the CMS of your website (in the code view mode of your editor) and save and refresh the page. You will then see news stories from Pressburst directly in your website.

Using either the widget or the portal saves you needing to upload news stories or job listings to your organisation’s website using your website’s content management software (CMS) – you can instead manage everything through Pressburst and save a lot of time.

With Pressburst you can also add categories to your news channels – enabling you to categorise stories about sport, music, drama etc – and also to add tags. Tags can take any form and be added to stories regardless of category.

To add Categories go to Settings, click on the Channels tab, and click Edit. Put all the categories under the Add Categories section and choose Save Changes. You can then filter the output of the widget to display only those stories which have a particular category or tag. This enables you to embed the widget code on, for example, a page about sport and it will display only those stories with a category of ‘sport’.

Pressburst also has a fully-featured API which can be used by website developers to provide complete integration with an organisation’s website. For more information or to request help using the widget code, please don’t hesitate to contact us – help@pressburst.com