Publishing your story

Once you have entered all the news details and chosen Publish Story you are taken to the Publishing Options screen.

By default, all news stories are published to your own website news feed if you have added our widget, portal or API code. Integrating Pressburst with your own website saves you time as you do not need to upload news twice – stories automatically get published to your own website. Find out more about the options for website integration.

To publish the story to our Channel Partners’ news portals, simply tick the checkbox. Read the full list of Channel Partners.

Finally, you need to confirm that you are ‘legally permitted under data protection law to upload any personal data to Pressburst (including data relating to children) and have sought all necessary licences, consents and permissions, in accordance with the Pressburst Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy‘.

If you are ready to publish the story, choose Publish Story. Alternatively, choose Save Draft.

You will then be taken to the main News screen. You can see the status of the story at any point –  click the arrow icon to show further details about the story and where it has been published.

To promote it via social media, click on your Channel icon from the left-hand navigation and then click on the Facebook or Twitter icons.