Preparing your story

Before you start to upload a story, you should ensure you have all the elements ready.

All stories consist of the following elements:

  1. Headline
    Headlines should be short and have plenty of impact – the best headlines are snappy and relate directly to the story, drawing the reader’s attention.
  2. Summary
    The Summary should nicely sum-up the story, enticing the reader to want to read more – do not just repeat the first paragraph.
  3. Text
    Your opening paragraph should explain the purpose of the story and then in subsequent paragraphs provide the detail – avoid using ‘marketing language’.
  4. Date
    The story date is the date of upload. We encourage you to upload stories regularly, as they happen. Please do not upload old stories.
  5. Media
    All stories need at least one photograph (in JPEG format). We recommend using landscape aspect and please only use high resolution images (at least 1000px wide).
  6. Tags
    (Optional) Stories can be assigned one or more tags to help categorise them if using our widget or API with your own website. Tags are shared between stories so should be applied in a consistent way.

We recommend getting everything ready first before starting to enter the news story. If you are using a PC, we recommend using TextEdit as this helps ensure your text does not have any unwanted formatting.

To add your news story, choose Stories from the left-hand navigation and then the Add News button.

When you have finished entering the details, you can click Publish Story. Publish Story saves your story and publishes it to your own channel and makes it available for other Channel Partners to use.

If you haven’t finished, click Save Draft. Save Draft saves your story and enables you to continue editing later, if you are not yet ready to publish it.

If you don’t want to save your changes, click Cancel. Cancel deletes your story if you have not previously saved it – or simply reverts any changes you have made since the last save.