Preparing your release

Pressburst makes sending press releases very easy. You can turn any published story into a release.

You need to first create the story and publish it to your channel. You then turn this into a press release.

Pressburst enables you to use the published story as the basis for your release. A well-written press release will by its very nature be different in scope to a published news story but Pressburst helps you by providing the text as the starting point – you can delete this and use completely new wording if you wish.

You add the other elements – covering message, notes to editors – and then can send the release to a chosen group of contacts. Pressburst has a number of advantages over sending a press release manually using your normal email program:

  • Everything in one place: journalists do not want to receive a Word file attachment containing your release. They want everything in one email, clearly and professionally displayed. Pressburst does this automatically for you.
  • No large attachments: journalists do not want to receive multiple emails with large photo attachments. With Pressburst, journalists get an email with preview images with links to download just the high resolution images they need.
  • Branding: all press releases from Pressburst can be branded to your school with a header image. See the section on configuring branding.