Preparing your job

Before you start to upload a job, you should ensure you have all the elements ready.

All job listings consist of the following elements:

  1. Title
    Job titles should be short and clear. Please do not include the organisation name in the title nor the location.
  2. Summary
    The Summary should nicely sum-up the role, drawing the attention of applicants. It is displayed on the search results and therefore needs to explain precisely the purpose of the role.
  3. Text
    Your opening paragraph should explain the purpose of the role and then in subsequent paragraphs provide the detail – avoid using ‘marketing language’. Any terms or legal statements can be included at the end and should be italicised.
  4. Display Start
    The Display Start date is the date when you would like your job listing to be displayed. All job listings go live automatically at midnight (00:01) on the date chosen.
  5. Closing Date
    The Closing Date is the date when the job listing will be removed. Job listings disappear automatically at the end of the date chosen (23:59).
  6. Category
    Every job listing needs to be linked to one – or more – categories. Choose the most appropriate category to ensure the job is found easily by applicants: Administration, Admissions/Registrar, Boarding Staff, Bursar, Director of Studies, Early Years Specialist, Governor, Head, Head of Department, Head of Year, Marketing/Communications, School Nurse/Matron, SEN Specialist, Senior Leadership Team, Sports Specialist, Support Staff, Teacher, Teaching Assistant.
  7. Type
    Every job listing needs to be linked to one – or more – types of tenure. Choose the most appropriate – Full-time, Part-time, Temporary or Fixed Term – to ensure the job is found easily by applicants.
  8. Salary Range
    If you wish to include the expected salary range, please enter it here – or a statement such as ‘Competitive salary’ can be entered.
  9. Application Link or Email
    Enter the web address – or email address – applicants can use to apply for the job.
  10. Attachments
    Upload one or more documents which provide applicants with additional information. It is recommended that attachments are uploaded in PDF format.

We recommend getting everything ready first before starting to enter the job details. If you are using a PC, we recommend using TextEdit as this helps ensure your text does not have any unwanted formatting.

To add your job listing, choose Jobs from the left-hand navigation and then the Add Job button.

When you have finished entering the details, you can click Publish Job. Publish Job saves your job listing and publishes it to your own channel (if you are using our widget or API) as well as enabling you to publish it to the portals provided by our Channel Partners.

If you haven’t finished, click Save Draft. Save Draft saves your job listing and enables you to continue editing later, if you are not yet ready to publish it.

If you don’t want to save your changes, click Cancel. Cancel deletes your job listing if you have not previously saved it – or simply reverts any changes you have made since the last save.