Linking your Twitter account

You can add your Twitter account(s) to Pressburst to make it easy to promote stories via social media.

Instead of manually uploading a photo to Twitter, you can instead use the photo from your story, along with the title text and a special shortcut web address.

To add your Twitter account go to Settings, click on the Twitter tab. If no Twitter account details are listed, choose Add Account and complete the form. Once your Twitter account is listed, choose Connect to Pressburst and follow the prompts to link it to Pressburst.

You should also set the base URL for the shortcut links. You can do this in the Channels tab of Settings. Click Edit and set the Channel URL to be the location where you have added either the widget code or API integration. For example, if your news page is located at you need to enter this full address into the Channel URL.

The headline of the story will be appended to this URL to form the full URL to the story. For example,