Browser requirements

To use Pressburst you don’t need to install any software. You instead access the system through your web browser on your PC, Mac or tablet.

We recommend using the latest version of Google’s Chrome browser with Pressburst. This browser is fully supported and is the browser we use when developing the software.

Pressburst will also work in Microsoft’s Edge browser and Apple’s Safari and we recommend using the latest versions. We don’t support Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser but you can use it with Pressburst if no other browser is available on your PC.

If you are using a Mac, we recommend using Google’s Chrome but you can also use Apple’s Safari browser which we also fully support.

N.B. Some school networks restrict access to certain websites and you might need to ask your IT department to allow access to the following URLs:

You should also check your email spam folder if you have requested a password and it has not arrived.