About Pressburst

Pressburst is an online publishing and communications platform for publicising news, jobs and events. Pressburst saves you time, making it easy to compose a news story, list a job vacancy or highlight a forthcoming event.

With Pressburst, you only need to upload your content once – you can then publish it to a growing number of exclusive channels, as well as directly to your own website, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

1. News
Pressburst radically simplifies the process of creating, publishing and promoting news stories to the media. As well as guiding you through the composition of the story, Pressburst simplifies social media, enabling you to post directly to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as creating a professional press release.

2. Jobs
Pressburst makes listing and managing job vacancies easy. You can quickly and easily upload all the information, choosing when to start promoting the job. The vacancy is listed on a number of exclusive Channel Partner job portals relevant to your organisation, and can also be integrated into your own website.

3. Events (Coming soon)
Pressburst helps you to gain as much publicity as possible for your forthcoming events. Add dates and events information fast and choose when to start promoting them. With integrated social media promotion, as well as via our exclusive Channel Partners, events gain maximum exposure.

Pressburst is available in two subscription versions – Essential and Professional:

1. Essential (£240 + VAT per annum)
The Essential plan contains all the basic features of Pressburst, enabling you to upload news, jobs and events and share them with channel partners.

2. Professional (£480 + VAT per annum) *
The Professional plan contains all the features of the Essential plan but has three additional advantages:

  • Upload content using the new Pressburst Capture app
  • Publish internal news stories directly to your website or parent portal
  • Publish blogs to your own website from Pressburst

* free for annual print advertisers in Attain Magazine.