Internal News Publishing

When you publish a news story to Pressburst, you make it available for consideration by all the news channels relevant to your organisation (e.g. ISC, Attain etc).

Pressburst now supports Internal News Publishing – a new feature which forms part of the Professional subscription plan (£480 + VAT per annum, versus £240 + VAT per annum for the normal Essential plan). If you are using the Professional plan, you have two additional options when publishing a story:

  • This is a private story with restricted viewing
  • This is an internal story – do not make available to third-party channels

Private Stories
Private stories are for when you want to publish a story but only make it available to an area of your website which is behind a password login. For example, if you have a parents section or special portal for parents, you can add the Pressburst widget to display private news stories in this area. This is a great way to enable parents to read stories which you don’t want to make available to the public.

It’s very easy to add Pressburst, either through the widget or our API, to power any news section of your website and automatically display news stories from your Pressburst account. It lets you manage all your news in one place, quickly and easily.

Internal Stories
Internal stories are still public stories but are those which you don’t want to share with any of the Pressburst channels (e.g. ISC, Attain etc). The nature of the story simply means that it is not really news-worthy beyond the school community. If you use the Pressburst Professional plan, you can easily upload these stories into the system without sharing them beyond the school audience.

To display the stories on your website, you simply add the Pressburst widget or get your developers to integrate with our API.

Everything in one place
Pressburst is designed to make news management easy. The Professional plan is for those schools who want to put Pressburst at the heart of their communications and to manage all their news output – private stories, internal stories or stories for the media – in one place.

The integration options for adding Pressburst to your own website are easy and very powerful. The widget can be added at no cost whatsoever but you would need to get your website developers to integrate with the API. The widget offers a simple solution whereas the API offers more power and control over layout and features.

Either way, we are here to help you. To find out more, please email