Cropping Photos

We have today added a new feature to Pressburst to make it easy to crop a photo when you upload it.

All images uploaded to Pressburst should be high resolution and by this we mean at least 1,000 pixels wide. We always recommend the use of landscape – rather than portrait – images as these provide the most flexibility.

When you upload an image to Pressburst, the system will create five different versions of the image:

  • Default
  • Square
  • Thumb
  • Header
  • Wideheader

The different sizes are used in a variety of ways when the story is published, depending on the channel. We try to give publishers as many options as possible to suit the design of their website. For example, with Attain News, we like to use a square-aspect photo on the Home Page and then a landscape-aspect on the story itself.

The system works hard to crop the image using what it thinks is the centre point. But if the image is complicated, or contains multiple people, it can give unpredictable results. Before you publish your story, you should always check your primary image has been cropped properly. To do this, simply click on the crop icon which is in the bottom right of every image you have added to the story (below Manage Media when editing the story).

This opens the Cropping Tool window. You can click on the buttons to cycle through the various versions of the image. If you are not happy with the Preview, click on the Crop tab. Relocate the crop and then choose the Crop icon at the bottom. The new cropped version is then saved.

(If you find an image has been rotated incorrectly, this is due to it containing metadata from a camera phone. The best solution is to locate the original image and cut-and-paste it into a new document. Save and re-upload to Pressburst. It will then no longer be rotated.)

We hope you find the new cropping tools useful but do let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.