Before you click send on a press release, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion. Will your press release have the impact you want? Has it been written in the right way? Are you sending it on the right day?

We can help. Pressburst now offers a consultancy service for clients to help them get the best possible press coverage for their stories. We can advise on all aspects of news and help you to maximise the potential for press coverage on a story. Often it is the simplest of changes which can make the difference between a story catching a journalist’s eye or not getting any coverage at all.

Our team is lead by Matthew Smith, a journalist with 20 years of experience working in the independent education sector. Matthew can advise on all aspects of media preparation, as well as wider issues of marketing and communications to prospective and current parents.

We charge £150 + VAT per hour for all consultancy, with a minimum consultation charge of 30 minutes (£75 + VAT). On-site day consultancy rates are available on request.

To request advice, simply email us at to book a consultation slot. We try to operate on a next working day basis for all consultancy during term time, with limited availability during school holidays. We will normally offer a telephone consultation first, followed by written advice as required. Consultancy is only available to schools with an active subscription to Pressburst.